History of Saint Lukes

Mulhuddart School was located on the site of an old converted barn in Mulhuddart village. In 1897 there were eighty children on rolls at Mulhuddart Schools but only sixty in attendance. It was estimated that sixteen per cent of the population of the parish was illiterate. Parents often kept their children at home to work on the farm especially at harvest time. Pupils stayed at the school for up to eleven years and rarely went on to second level education 

The official name of the new school was Mulhuddart National Schools indicating that the boys and girls were educated separately. The master taught the boys in one room while in the other room the girls, from junior infants to seventh class, were taught by the schoolmistress. In this year a new law was also past compelling children, between the ages of six and fourteen, to attend school. This increased attendance dramatically. 

During the 1950s, however, when Mick Falvey, the former Clare hurler, was principal, boys and girls were mixed in class although separated for play in the school yard. Mulhuddart School was a two teacher school at this time. 

Mulhuddart School became a three teacher school and had 83 children on the roll. 

Many new housing estates were built in the area leading to a population explosion. Several new parishes were created. For a time Mulhuddart School was administered by the priests of Corduff parish. 

Mr. Brian Daly replaced Noel Keating as principal of Mulhuddart School. The following year two new classrooms were added to the school. When Fr. Leo Quinlan was appointed in 1984 the school was incorporated into Mulhuddart New Parish. 

Four teachers educated the sixty-four boys and fifty-two girls on roll. Children attended from the village, Brookhaven (Cul na Glaise), Mulhuddart Wood (Coill Mhullach Eadrad) and Lady's Well (Tobar Muire). 

After rapid growth in the previous years the old school in Mulhuddart village was closed and the school relocated to a new 8-classroom temporary building on Powerstown Road in Tyrrelstown.

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Mulhuddart school became a 15 teacher school with 243 children on roll. The Principal was Sister Carmel O Halloran. 

Mulhuddart NS is continuing to grow and is now a 18 teacher school with approximately 280 children on roll. Mr Martin Kavanagh replaced Sr Carmel O Halloran as principal in this year. Due to higher numbers the school premises also expanded with the addition of two extra prefabs at the side of the main building.

Mulhuddart N.S left the temporary school building on Powerstown Road which it had occupied for the previous 4 years and prepared for the move into the new school building on Hollywood Road in the heart of Tyrrelstown. This year also saw the end of multi-grade classes in the school when the last mixed class of 5th and 6th split into two separate classes. The school continued to grow to 13 single grade classes and 21 teachers.