Green Schools Initiative

Saint Luke's National school has been participating in the Green Schools initative for the past 5 years. Through the combined effort of teachers and pupils Saint Luke's has won two Green Schools flags to date, one for recycling and one for energy conservation. 


Saint Luke's is currently working towards its third Green Schools flag for water conservation. In order to win this flag Saint Luke's must lower their water usage and raise awareness of water conservation in the school and local community. 

Tips for saving water at home:

1. Have a shower instead of the bath, it uses less water.

2. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

3. Fix leaking taps.

4. Use a bucket instead of a hose when washing your car. 

5. Make sure the dishwasher/washing machine is full before turning them on. 


Please see our three Green Schools Rhymes below, including our most recent rhyme for water conservation. We start every committee meeting by saying these rhymes. 

Water conservation rhyme:

Water, water everywhere.

Try to save it if you care.

In the toilet tap it once,

In the class turn it tight.

Now you know how to do it right!


Enery conservation rhyme:

Let's save energy,

Let's stay green,

To help our planet,

Let's work as a team!


Recycling rap:

Make Saint Luke's litter free,

Reuse and save our trees.

Recycle as much as you can,

Save our world, that's the plan!


Our 2017/2018 Green Schools committee.

Teachers: Ms. Hardiman, Ms. Whitney

1st class: Miracle, Maja, Gemma, Neil, Chiamaka, Nathan

2nd class: Nicole, Oluwajaba, Niamh, Nathan, Laila, Fionn,

3rd class: Michaela, Daniel L, Emmanuele, Joshua, Megan, Colin, Hamirat,

4th class: Hannah Rose, Ross, Michaela, Max, Adam, Natalia,

5th class: Mia, Olgierd, Zuzanna, Victoria, Amachi, Josef

6th class: Carl, Eimear, Gift, Dylan.


Thank you to all the pupils who help make Saint Luke's a Green School. 

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