Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent – Teacher Meetings


The annual Parent–Teacher meetings are held each year towards the end of November.

Parents / guardians are given a 10 minute appointment for each child a week in advance.

A system for the passing on of times from 6th to 5th to 4th, and so on, allows for the efficient allocation of times to families with more than one child in the school.

Two evenings are allocated for the purposes of the meetings.

Prior to the meetings, teachers will meet to outline:

  • the aims of the meetings
  • suggestions on how to conduct the meetings
  • suggestions with regard to preparing for the meetings.


Where necessary, teachers make themselves available to meet parents by appointment during the school year.


"Meet & Greet" meetings shall also take place early in the school year so that the teacher can outline curricular & other guidelines to the parents of a particular class group. The principal may also attend to offer any further advice. The timeframe for this practice is limited so any questions may have to be addressed at another time.